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TWINCEST: The Interview

Redditor WANKERJ recently posted on the “gayincest” sub-reddit about the longterm sexual relationship between himself  and his twin brother. He has graciously agreed to expand on his post by means of this interview with the sub-reddit’s moderator, DIRTYDADDY.  Please feel free to add your comments and/or questions here or on the Reddit link.

DirtyDaddy: I guess the best place to start is with a few particulars. Age? Race? Sexual orientation?

Wankerj: Mid-20s, white, gay.

DD: And does your twin also identify as gay?

Wj: Yeah, my twin and I are both gay.

DD: For the record, are you identical or fraternal twins?

Wj: Identical.

DD: As you probably know, there is this huge fetish in the gay community about twincest. A whole lot of people are fascinated by it. Can you tell me more-or-less how you and your brother started out playing sexually with each other?

Wj: The earliest I can remember was in elementary school, and we would play “naked photographer” like we saw on TV somewhere.

Images of Twincest: The Christy Twins

Images of Twincest: The Christy Twins

DD: This kind of erotic play is of course pretty normal among regular siblings as well as other kids…

Wj: Right.

DD: It usually stops when people move into adolescence, but in your case, it continued and I assume it became even more intense.

Wj: Yeah, when we learned about masturbation, it was together. If I remember rightly, he told me what it was and showed me how to do it.

DD: Were you and he sexually involved with other kids at this point?

Wj: No, most of our first sexual experiences were with each other.

DD: There must have been a point early on when you realized what you were doing was pretty much frowned upon in the world of parents and other adults, right?

Wj: Yeah. I’m not sure when that realization happened. We always knew to hide what we were doing.

DD: At what point did you know that you were gay? How old were you?

Wj: It’s hard to say. Because when I realized it and when I actually ADMITTED it to myself that I realized it were different. I guess I first started noticing other guys sexually around puberty, so I would say I was becoming aware of it then. But I didn’t have a concept of myself as gay until high school.

DD: Interesting. But all during this time, as you were growing up, you were sexually involved with your brother. Other than mutual masturbation, what kinds of sexual activities were you and your twin into?

Wj: We would suck each other mainly. 69, etc. Watch porn together. We weren’t into kissing each other. Mostly just getting each other off. Some anal play, but no penetration until much later.

DD: How old were you when you first started having anal sex with your bro?


Dad and Son (vintage)



Jake Steele threw his books in his locker and grabbed his gym bag
after deciding to skip his last class Friday afternoon. Since he was
a senior and graduation was only a few days away, nobody would care
much. There was a glory hole in the rest room of a park near his house
and for some reason Friday afternoons were the busiest time there. Jake
got into his car in the high school parking lot and, seeing no one was
around, decided to change into his favorite gym shorts before going to
the park. He liked the shorts because Coach David Farrell had fucked
him in them.

   Jake had been making subtle passes at Coach Farrell in the locker
room after football practice for several weeks with no results. Jake
worked out there daily and had a good body. He had dark brown hair and
hazel eyes. Girls were crazy about him, but Jake lusted after Coach
Farrell. His coach had beautiful blue eyes, a thick moustache, and a
muscular hairy chest. Actually, Coach reminded him a lot of his Dad,
except that the coach was circumcised, a real disappointment to Jake.
His father still had HIS foreskin. Jake craved to have sex with his Dad.


Carlson Twins